California Stipulated Vehicle Release Agreement

In accordance with the provisions of 22852 CVC, you have the right to be heard to determine the legality of storage. If you decide to challenge the storage, you must request the hearing in writing, in person or by phone from the Angels Camp Police Department. Vehicle storage is an informal process to determine whether a vehicle has been legally stored or not. The owner of the vehicle, registered/legal, must receive a vehicle release form from the angel camp police department before the towing company releases the vehicle. After 14602.6 California Vehicle Code (CVC), the peace officer, if he finds that a person was driving while his licence has been suspended or revoked or without ever issuing a driver`s license, can immediately arrest that person and cause the vehicle to be revoked and seized. A packaged vehicle must be confiscated for 30 days. The registered owner or his representative is responsible for all towing and storage costs related to the seizure and all administrative costs authorized at 22850.5 CVC. Once a vehicle clearance form has been obtained, the vehicle owner must submit the form to the towing company and pay a storage fee before the vehicle is released. Contact the towing company for storage information. If the hearing finds that storage is illegal, the Angels Camp Police Department is responsible for the towing and storage costs. Forms can be obtained during business hours.

When the commercial lobby is closed, press the “Push for Help” button on the Blue Box phone to the right of the lobby door. The phone connects you to the Calaveras Sheriff`s Dispatch Center. The vending machine is going to send you an officer from the Angels camp. Sam Berri Towing 1138 E. Hwy 4 Douglas Flat, CA 95247 (209) 728-3931 Your request for a hearing must be received within 10 days of the storage date. If you request a hearing, it will be conducted within 48 hours of the request, except on weekends and holidays. Your non-requirement or participation in a scheduled hearing must meet the requirements of 22852 CVC after storage.