Public Health Emergency Preparedness Cooperative Agreement Program

PHEP NOFO 2019-2024 (Funding Opportunity- CDC-RFA-TP19-1901) is now available on The appropriations available for Budget Period 1 are $620,250,000. The deadline for applications is .m. EDT on Friday, May 3. The PHEP NOFO Fast Facts 2019-2024 is added, which highlights important programmatic changes and other important information about the new five-year period. The Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) provides eligible states, territories and municipalities with management and funding opportunities through grants and cooperation agreements to improve the health system`s ability to plan and respond to medical surge events. The PPH supports regional cooperation in health preparedness and response by encouraging the development and maintenance of health coalitions, which are groups of health organizations and response organizations working together to plan for disasters and emergencies. “Health prevention begins with the ability of hospitals and coalitions to meet the skills outlined in the most recent HPP guidelines,” said Dr. Robert Kadlec, HHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response. “Part of my responsibility is to find ways to maximize the use of available funds and determine how to use them as effectively as possible.” As noted in the PHEP 2019-2024 Communication on Funding Opportunities (NOFO), funding for phep cooperation agreements is primarily intended to support preparedness measures that help ensure that public and local health services are prepared to prevent, detect, identify, mitigate and recover from a large number of public health threats. However, upon written request from a recipient, PHEP credits can be used on a case-by-case basis to support response efforts when activities are covered by activities authorized by the PHEP legal authority, Section 319C-1 of the Public Health Services Act, PHEP NOFO and the conditions of the phep auction notice. Activities must also support progress in achieving the CDC`s 15 public health preparedness and response capabilities and demonstrate the resulting commitment. Objectives: The PHEP programme is an important source of funding, advice and technical assistance for public, territorial and local health services.

Preparatory actions funded by the PHEP programme are specifically aimed at developing emergency, flexible and adaptable health services.