Vietnam Australia Free Trade Agreement

6.18 New Zealand`s Assistant High Commissioner stated that he expected the agreement to mark an increase in trade in services: the practical effect of the trade would likely be negligible – Australia could certainly ask its ASEAN partners to do so – but the symbolic effect of including an MFN clause in the trade agreement is considerable. It stresses that liberalisation of services on a non-discriminatory basis is a positive objective. [13] The study concludes that the case for a free trade agreement with Malaysia is very strong. Accordingly, it recommends that Australia begin negotiations with Malaysia for a comprehensive and coherent free trade agreement within the WTO. 6.8 Minter Ellison`s review of the agreement concludes that the main effects on trade with Malaysia (AD$14 billion in total for 2007-2008), Indonesia (AUD 10.8 billion) and Vietnam (AUD 8 billion) will be the largest. This will not affect the framework governing NZ trade; Australia has already concluded free trade agreements with Thailand and Singapore; and trade with Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Burma, Laos and the Philippines is weak compared to other ASEAN countries. [9] I think it is important in a facilitating way, and I expect that part of the trade to change. I also expect that service exchanges will change. New Zealand`s education services, for example, are real priorities for the environment and engineering.

Some of the benefits we have received from the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement and the Free Trade Agreement with Malaysia would give our two countries some competitive advantages over other service providers. Again, I expect a modest but significant shift towards this part of trade. [19] 6.29 In his conclusions before the subcommittee, NZ`s Deputy High Commissioner spoke about the value of the NZ agreement with China and the considerable impact it has had on its two-way exchanges: … There is no doubt that the most important agreement we have reached and that we have reached together is the ASEAN Australia-New Zealand free trade agreement, with the acronym aadafta. Export Finance Australia is Australia`s export credit agency that aims to help companies overcome the financial barriers they face in exporting. By offering a wide range of export financing solutions, it helps exporters take advantage of trade opportunities. Export Finance Australia also offers regularly updated country risk analyses. Australia and Vietnam are parties to the AMLAND ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement, which came into force on January 1, 2010. Vietnam ratified the agreement on 24 June 2009. With Indonesia, the agreement has very specific advantages.

With regard to changing the trade pattern, I am not sure, because from a New Zealand perspective – which is a little different from Australia – more than half of the products we ship to Indonesia are agricultural products.