Your Agreement Is Sought

WASHINGTON – Congressional leaders reached a highly competitive agreement Sunday on a $900 billion stimulus package that would provide immediate assistance to Americans and businesses to help them cope with the economic devastation of the pandemic and fund vaccine distribution. “Once this agreement comes into force, it cannot be the last word on facilitating Congress,” said Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader who called the agreement a “down payment.” As this revision was a secondary research, the Institutional Review Board did not obtain approval for this review. More help is on the way. A few moments ago, the four speakers of the Senate and the House of Representatives reached an agreement in consultation with our committees. It will be another great rescue plan for the American people. As our citizens continue to fight this coronavirus this Christmas season, they will not fight alone. We have approved a package of almost $900 billion. It is filled with targeted strategies that help Americans who are struggling and who have waited too long. For workers in the most affected small businesses, there will be a second targeted draw of the paycheck protection program. During all these months, we have not worked as hard to save as many jobs as possible, just to pass the ball with vaccines already underway. Speaking of vaccines, we can wipe out the success of Operation Warp Speed by falling asleep at the distribution counter, so that this agreement will provide huge sums of money for logistics that will bring these rescue shots to our citizens as quickly as possible. Of course, millions of Americans have lost their jobs and continue to lose them without fail.

This package will renew and expand a number of significant additional federal unemployment benefits that have helped families stay afloat. In all kinds of families, in all kinds of situations, it was a difficult time all along. It is therefore at the request and insistence of President Trump and his government that our agreement will provide a new round of direct payments to help households get by and continue our economic recovery.